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Our Purpose

Today’s teens are facing a multitude of very difficult challenges. Many are lost and hurting and often parents are confused and frustrated. Schools, churches, and community service organizations are simply unable to meet the growing demand for long-lasting answers and effective solutions.

The Cove was created to provide comprehensive counseling and educational programs that engage teens and parents in dialogue, assessment, counseling, crisis intervention, mentoring and referrals. We help teens acquire the skills and knowledge to advance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The Cove demonstrates the highest level of professional expertise and standards of therapeutic practice, leading to innovative approaches that encourage resilience, wholeness, and peace to teens.

Our Plan

The Cove will achieve its goals by engaging teens and their parents or guardians through a two-pronged service mix that is built on the pillars of counseling and education.

Our Principles

The Cove is founded on the following relational principles. These principles define the journey forward towards peace and a brighter future for teens and families struggling to cope with the multitude of challenges in today’s ever-changing world.

Our People

The Cove’s leadership consists of pastoral leadership, mental health, education, and law enforcement expertise. Executive Director, Selina Frechette is a Registered Psychotherapist and Professional Counselor. Selina’s 25 years in the healing and therapeutic field has included conducting lectures and teaching workshops across the continent on various topics pertaining to mental health and spiritual growth. Selina specializes in the treatment of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss.

Our Partners

The Cove and the community it serves, depends on the support and engagement of churches, schools, businesses, and service organizations. The Cove seeks to ensure that these partnerships are mutually beneficial by offering recognition, resources and specialized support.

Our Promise

The Cove’s Brand Promise articulates both our vision and our mission in two powerful words. We believe that a brighter, positive FUTURE is possible by helping desperate teens and parents journey FORWARD through the multitude of today’s challenges and struggles they are facing. FUTURE FORWARD is about envisioning the possibilities of a new reality and then charting the course to get there quickly and safely. We help you navigate this journey while preparing you for the rough waters that you may face along the way.

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